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China to regulate tax payments in film industry

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China's tax authority said Friday it had ordered local authorities to reinforce tax compliance in the film and television industry.

Notice issued to strengthen stolen relic detection

2018-05-10 15:47:13

A notice requiring the improvement of inspections on stolen cultural relics' entry and exit was recently issued.

First law on public libraries enacted

2018-01-02 08:04:00

China's first law on public libraries took effect on Jan 1.

National policy gives new impetus to Chinese TV industry

2017-09-12 16:22:01

Against such a backdrop, a seminar titled “The Growth and Value Analysis of Modern TV Industry”, organized by the School of Arts and Communication of Beijing Normal University, was held in Beijing on September 8.

China increases regulation of online drama

2017-09-05 15:46:54

China has banned the streaming of drama that does not have a government permit, with online dramas now subject to the same regulation as that of regular television series.

Legislation to encourage reading

2017-04-05 11:08:35

The Chinese government has publicized a draft ordinance promoting "reading for all", to solicit public opinion, a move to create better reading habits among the population.

New industry law means promising future for Chinese film

2017-03-17 09:58:55

China's new film industry law provides the regulation needed to help bring the fast-growing market into a golden era, according to industry insiders.

New law to boost China's film industry takes effect

2017-03-02 11:07:20

The first set of laws and regulations targeting China's cultural industry officially came into effect on March 1.

Museums urged to expand their cultural protection role

2016-05-19 08:43:49

The importance of museums playing a bigger role in cultural heritage and environmental protection was highlighted by a senior cultural official on Wednesday.

Auction Law of the People's Republic of China

2016-04-14 14:50:29

Adopted at the 20th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Eighth National People's Congress on July 5, 1996, promulgated by Order No. 70 of the People’s Republic of China on July 5, 1996.

Ministry of Culture will tighten the regulations in performing market

2016-04-12 13:42:39

Ministry of Culture organized informal discussions with some performing companies for suggestions to against tickets hoarding, misleading advertisement and other irregular actions in performing market.

China to blacklist harmful cultural products

2016-02-04 14:56:53

"Harmful cultural products" in China will soon be blacklisted, the Ministry of Culture announced on Wednesday.

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