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24 Solar Terms: 5 things you may not know about Minor Cold

彩38|2019-01-05 10:40:29


聚发彩票 www.wikt.com.cn,左侧肾静脉毒素如果流到睾丸,则会引起睾丸萎缩,导致精子畸形、活动力下降,严重的情况可致使精子数量下降,降低生育能力。同时,面部经络穴位受刮试刺激而产生热效反应,使面部血溶量和血流量增加,受损变化的枯,弱细胞激活促使代谢产物交换排出,最终达到排毒养颜,舒缓皱纹活血除疮,抗氧嫩白,行气消斑,保肤健美的功效。

Minor Cold is the 23rd solar term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. For most areas of China, it marks the start of the coldest days of the year. This year's Minor Cold starts on Jan 5.

The Dong ethnic group celebrate New Year

2019-01-04 15:17:58

The Dong ethnic group’s New Year falls in late December, the eleventh lunar month, and is celebrated with a festival, during which the Dong people dress in exquisite embroidered costumes with silver ornaments.

Carving out a win in Harbin ice sculpture contest

2019-01-03 13:58:13

The eighth Harbin International Competition of Ice Sculptures was held for the third day in Harbin Ice - Snow World, Heilongjiang province, on Jan 2. The competition has 16 teams and 64 players from 12 countries and regions, including China, Spain, Italy and Russia.

Traditional Chinese tunes fill the air in South Korea

2019-01-02 14:56:37

Chinese musicians staged three folk music concerts in South Korea from Dec 18 to 20.

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