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New literary prize inspires young writers

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Established Chinese authors share their thoughts on how and what it takes to become a successful novelist. Fang Aiqing reports.

Five ancient Chinese poems about spring

2018-03-09 09:21:13

Here is a collection of ancient Chinese poems depicting the revival of life during spring, which may help usher in a season to remember.

China's young return to traditional roots

2015-10-07 08:31:28

Ancient classics provide lessons that are still relevant today

An artist and poet who draws inspiration from business

2015-10-05 08:32:47

Fu Yiqing's life has many facets. She runs a successful interior decoration business, and travels to scores of countries to learn about local handicraft skills. Her installation art works have drawn huge crowds and more than 90,000 saw her work at the capital's China World Center last month.

Poetry meet marks Mid-Autumn festival

2015-09-29 14:39:02

More than 30 poets from China and abroad, including Germany, France, Iran and the United States, gathered at Beijing’s China Millennium Monument on Sunday to celebrate the annual Mid-autumn festival and recite their works about the moon at the 7th Mid-autumn International Poetry Meeting.

Global Confucius Institutes Day celebrated in Benin

2015-09-28 09:47:30

The University of Abomey-calavi on Saturday afternoon hosted second annual Global Confucius Institutes Day aims to promote the Chinese language and culture.

Wang Anyi - a female writer of constant innovations

2014-12-10 15:51:25

Wang Anyi is one of contemporary China's most influential writers.

6 Symbols in Taiwan Literature

2014-12-10 15:51:25

"Don't ask me where I came from; don't ask me where I am going…" this is a song written by San Mao...

Southern Drama

2014-11-30 13:15:42

When the internal and external conditions were ripe, a fully developed Chinese theater sprang to life, in the form of the Southern Drama.

Tales of two countries

2014-11-30 13:15:42

Dai Sijie is like a bridge. He connects the medium of literature with that of film; and at the same time he links up the world of China, where he was born and grew up, with that of France, where he attained fame, as both a novelist and a film director.

Earliest Chinese Writing Found

2014-11-30 13:15:42

New archaeological findings suggest that primitive inscriptions in China could date back about 5,000 years –1,400 years earlier than the writings found on oracle bones.

Four-, Five- and Seven-Character Poetry

2014-11-29 13:15:42

Four-, five- and seven-character poetry are the most common forms of Chinese traditional poetries. Of the three forms, four-character poetry came to being at the earliest time.

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