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Near, yet far from the madding crowds

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聚发彩票 www.wikt.com.cn,十八大首次提出“美丽中国”,将生态文明建设纳入“五位一体”总体布局,习近平总书记也在各类场合多次强调生态文明建设,为各种城市病开“药方”,他提出的“绿水青山就是金山银山”“APEC蓝”“乡愁”等生态词汇广为人知。这里的惊奇,我更愿意把它当作是任何一个民族法律和民歌的开始。

There are many lesser-known attractions to be found near some of the country's most popular tourist attractions. Wang Kaihao reports.

Gulangyu gets certificate of world heritage site

2017-09-04 11:20:25

China's Gulangyu Island was issued a certificate of the world heritage site by the UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova on Monday, making the nation possess the most world heritage sites worldwide.

Juyan archeological site to apply for UNESCO recognition

2017-04-27 14:01:37

Inner Mongolia autonomous region in North China has started the process of having the Juyan archeological site recognized with a UNESCO cultural heritage listing, said local authorities on Wednesday.

Traditional Chinese toys still alive

2016-12-28 14:08:08

Forget the latest digital gadgets – traditional Chinese toys continue to captivate.

Great Wall inspection findings released

2016-12-15 16:40:09

Great Wall protection has improved, but more needs to be done, say the results of a State Administration of Cultural Heritage inspection released on Monday.

Buddha statues at grottoes across China

2016-04-20 09:56:13

Photo taken on Aug 10, 2015 shows Buddha statues in one of the caves of the Yungang Grottoes, a 1,500-year-old Buddhist site in North China's Shanxi province.

Half natural world heritage sites threatened by industrial activities: WWF

2016-04-07 10:16:05

Nearly half of all natural world heritage sites are threatened by harmful industrial activities, such as oil and gas exploration, mining and illegal logging, according to a new report released Wednesday by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Dunhuang mural paintings tell stories of trees

2016-03-14 11:26:47

The Dunhuang Research Academy showcased 23 mural paintings to mark the National Tree Planting Day on March 12.

Keeper of the past

2015-12-01 07:34:48

Preservers of Chinese heritage gathered at Palace Museum in Beijing last week to celebrate 70 years of the founding of UNESCO and the 30th anniversary of China's ratification of the World Heritage Convention.

Scenery of Wusuli river along China-Russia border

2015-10-04 11:49:26

A group of photos show the beautiful landscape of the Wusuli river along the China-Russia border in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province.

Bringing cultural relics to life

2015-09-29 08:17:19

An exhibition displaying old royal craftsmanship began on Friday at China's former imperial palace.

Scenery of Wudang Mountains in Hubei

2015-09-03 14:30:19

Wudang Mountain, in the northwest of Hubei province, is perhaps the best known of China's Taoist holy mountains. It was listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1994.

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