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Qingming Festival marked in Chinese paintings

天子彩票|2018-04-04 09:30:34


聚发彩票 www.wikt.com.cn,”闫兆君提醒道,同时在饮食方面要注意清淡,不要给孩子吃太多高热量的食物,注意保暖,尤其是三岁以内的孩子要做好隔离防护措施。  一位从前面掉头的司机说出了实情,前面桥断了……这时,顺风车司机不想往济南去了,他的媳妇怀孕4个多月,已经连着发了好几天烧,今天又烧到39,在新泰的医院里打针,家里的电话一个接着一个。

China's fifth solar term, Clear and Bright, will begin on April 5, which coincides with a traditional Chinese festival, Qingming Festival, or Tomb-Sweeping Day.

Calligraphy, the gem of Chinese culture

2018-03-21 13:26:10

Calligraphy is something every special for Chinese. It is not only an important part of traditional Chinese culture but also a way of life for people of all stripes.

Paintings portray palace dogs of Forbidden City

2018-03-06 11:01:38

Let's take a look at the palace dogs from some ancient paintings in the collection of the Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City.

Drawn to each other

2018-03-06 08:24:03

An exhibition at the Beijing Fine Art Academy showcases the friendship between Xu Beihong and Qi Baishi, two leading artists in 20th-century China.

Chinese wood carving experiencing a renaissance

2018-02-24 15:07:12

Hu Xianmin is in the midst of carving the scenes of a famous oil painting onto a piece of teakwood the length of a snooker cue.

Art with a message

2018-01-30 07:45:40

An exhibition of works by Xu Beihong (1895-1953) celebrates his life and how he encouraged people to strive for independence and righteousness.

Ancient painter Chen Rong's Six Dragons on show

2018-01-29 10:05:10

NAMOC's exhibition of a selection of flower-and-bird paintings show works created by both ancient painters and modern masters, such as Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong and Pan Tianshou.

New show examines noted scholar's sense of isolation

2018-01-25 09:04:34

Lonely at the Top, a commemorative exhibition currently running at the Tsinghua University Art Museum through May 4, is a retrospective review of the academic and spiritual contributions Wang Guowei made to Chinese scholars over several generations.

New show sees artist sketching out his own path

2018-01-25 08:44:59

Painters normally make sketches as preliminary studies for the completion of a major artwork. But Ye Qianyu (1907-95), an important artist and educator in the field of 20th-century Chinese art, said sketching not only helped him to build his imagination, but also regarded it as "an independent form of art".

Calligraphy show underlines beauty of Hubei

2018-01-24 09:04:31

Hubei province in Central China boasts a long history and a glorious cultural heritage, which continues to nurturing contemporary artists working in traditional art forms. Among them is Ge Changyong, an established calligrapher whose works have been exhibited at home and abroad.

Colors of creation

2017-10-04 07:57:51

Mention traditional Chinese painting and many people will think of the ink-wash type, which mainly uses ink and water to depict objects of different shades, from black to gray and white.

Scripting a new record

2016-05-10 07:32:42

A letter that a famed scholar wrote about 1,000 years ago is expected to yield hundreds of thousands of yuan at an upcoming Beijing auction.

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