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多盈彩票| Grace Chen delights Xiongan with classic couture

Updated: 2018-09-18 14:06:36

( chinadaily.com.cn )


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Chinese couturier Grace Chen (right) together with dancer Qiu Siting takes curtain calls after the show concludes on Sept 16. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

As an integral part of the 3rd Baiyangdian International Clothing Culture Festival, China's star couturier Grace Chen’s classic haute couture show debuted in Xiongan New Area on Sunday.

The dance from the ballet, The Rite of Spring, performed by dancers Qiu Siting and Gong Qijie, opened the show. On the theme “Beautiful World”, more than 50 sets from Grace Chen’s classic collections offered a feast for the eyes.

Chen said she was honored to hold such a grand show at Xiongan New Area, and the 30-minute fashion show represents the essence of her design aesthetic, namely, elite women's pursuit of avant-garde, mystery and grace.

Also, she believes that haute couture is the best weapon to show off the great figure and unique character of graceful women.

Grace Chen, or Chen Yehuai in Chinese, became the first student from the Chinese mainland to study fashion design at New York's renowned Fashion Institute of Technology 20 years ago.

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