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维博彩票| Chinese traditional art performance enthralls Nepali audiences

Updated: 2018-09-11 10:30:14

( Xinhua )


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Nepali audiences have enjoyed the traditional art performances by various Chinese artists in Kathmandu.

The two-hour show entitled Flower of Silk Road took place at Yak and Yeti Hotel in the capital city on Wednesday.

Addressing the function, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Yu Hong said the event provided an opportunity for the Nepali people to learn and understand more about the Chinese art and culture.

"I believe such cultural events and exchanges will help the people of both the countries to understand each other. It will also strengthen the friendship between the two countries," Yu said.

Echoing the statement of the ambassador, acting secretary at Nepali Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Bharat Mani Subedi said that culture is a medium to bring any two countries and people closer.

"Culture binds any two nations and people of those countries. This is a perfect example to experience, learn and share art and culture between Nepal and China," Subedi said.

During the ceremony, Chinese artists treated the audience with an extravaganza of music and ethnic and modern performances. The performances attracted and moved the audience, winning waves of applause.

The event showcased a fusion of sound and visuals to present Chinese traditional art, including dances, acrobatics, musical instruments and astonishing shadowboxing performances.

Sunita Timsina, a teacher who attended the event with her seven-year-old daughter, said she was overwhelmed by the incredible performances.

"It was my first time to experience Chinese culture and I found it spectacular," she said.

Shaolin Eight Section Brocade, a martial art performance by Liu Lula and Liu Yanyan, who were the special guests of Beijing International Film Festival, also drew attention of the participants. When Yan Lin and Yan Jian performed "Balancing a jar on the Head," entire audiences applauded while capturing the amazing moments in their mobile phones.

Over 400 people including government officials, entrepreneurs, students and teachers, Chinese community living in Nepal and people from different walks of life attended the show.

According to the organizers, it was the second show of the delegation. The first show was held in a school in Kathmandu on Tuesday while the third performance is being held in another school in ancient city Bhaktapur on Thursday.

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