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必盈彩票| Yarlung cultural festival kicks off in Tibet

Updated: 2018-08-28 19:55:52

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The annual China Tibet Yarlung Cultural Festival kicked off in Tibet's Shannan city on Monday, marking the third time the city's held such an event.

Themed  "Tibet Origin, Tibet Fate, Opening Shannan, Happy Home", the event is in East China's Anhui province and Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region.

The event in Shannan will last for seven days, and activities, including investment promotion conference, folk art performance, a Tibetan opera show, and ethnic sports games will be held during the week.

As a branch of the main festival in Tibet, a 30-day festival also will be held in Anhui in September. It will feature several activities, such as a thangka art exhibition, an ethnic handicrafts show, and Tibetan songs and dances.

The annual China Tibet Yarlung Cultural Festival kicks off in Tibet's Shannan city on August 28, 2018. [Photo by Phurbu Tsering for China Daily]

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