Qingdao farmer dedicated to straw painting
Gold and silver processing industry in Hebei
Barkol Lake in Xinjiang enters high tourist season
Suzhou exhibition brings alive scenes in 'The Little Prince'
Baker combines icons of Chinese culture with fondant cake recipes
Chinese and British students experience traditional textile craft in Jiangsu

Second Ancient Civilizations Forum kicks off in Bolivia

At the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, Yu Qun, member of the leadership of China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, visited Bolivia with the Chinese government cultural delegation and attended the Second Ancient Civilizations Forum held in La Paz on July 13.

Yongjiang River gets a major facelift

A once chaotic riverbank is being transformed.

Ancient China comes alive in heart of modern city

FUZHOU-Every Saturday, Chen Mingwei leads a group of young people to perform an ancient Chinese musical art called Nanyin at a restored traditional district dating back more than 1,000 years.

Chinese oil paintings go on display in Berlin

Themed "Opening and Integration", a new exhibition underway at the China Cultural Center in Berlin showcases 40 oil paintings created by artists in Shenzhen's Dafen village, Longgang district, to show the prosperous art development in the city.

Different kind of content

Many of the new titles for the July-August vacation are animated films, with the majority being produced by Chinese studios.


A look at Australian bark paintings in Beijing

Using bark as canvas and ochre as pigment, indigenous Australians have formed their unique bark painting style over the centuries. The artwork usually centers around local people's prehistoric religions, recording history and legends of the tribes.