Ancient roots with sharp modernity: Nobel laureate on Chinese culture
Beijing exhibition showcases Chinese, Japanese ink paintings
Chinese designers present creations during 1st Thai Silk Int'l Fashion Week
Discovering face of Peking Opera through makeup
Chinese cuisine: Tujia-style 'mildewed tofu'
8th Chinese Opera Festival held in Paris

Western China splendors displayed

Vast landscapes, rich resources, diverse cultures and popular tourist destinations — a photo exhibition of western China was unveiled on Tuesday at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

Manchu traditions showcased at Beijing museum

Chengde in Hebei province has been for centuries the home of people from the Manchu ethnic group. And it boasts rich folk arts and crafts, such as paper cutting, cloth collage paintings, shaman dancing, beverage brewing and woodwork.

Japanese collection shows exchanges along the Silk Road

Late Japanese collector and artist Ikuo Hirayama traveled frequently to countries and regions along the ancient Silk Road since the 1960s.

New film documents Shenzen’s growth as a result of opening up

The Photographer, a forthcoming film that reflects Shenzhen's transformation over the past 40 years, will open across China on Dec 12.

Suzhou Design Week shows city in a new light

On Nov 27, Suzhou Design Week wrapped up with the setting up of a federation for the protection of intangible cultural heritage and an association of cultural and creative industries in Suzhou’s Gusu district.


What's on in Beijing (Dec 1-7)

Discover the best things to do in Beijing with our weekly roundup of art and exhibitions, music, performances and trending activities around town.

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